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animation u r heartless bitch 

shhh just kidding babe i love you 

Mikasa + long haired Armin doodle
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#nabari no ou 
holla-me-a-dolla sent: Ah hello I wonderif you take commissions, or if I am just a big dumb and missed that kind of information as usual. *v* Oh and while I'm at it I just wanted to say that I really, really think you are making a lot of cool art! ; - )

Hi! ^^

I’ll definitely do, but now I don’t have enough time( a lot of coursework  #IhateMyCollege


And thank you so much!  

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Anonymous sent: OMyGod Your art style is so adorable! :3

thnks, I’m glad you like it, anon *г*

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Anonymous sent: Do you know where I can read the '1994 Levi' fic? I have seen beautiful art and other mentions of it on my dash but no links.

I do :D

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"The only way I can communicate is through the bicycle" 
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