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Anonymous sent: Hello! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ I'm in loooove with your art and style!! I was wondering, what texture do you use on your drawings? Did you make it yourself? They look like diagonal lines or something. Anyway, I love it, it's like a trademark for your style!!

Hi. anon-chan! Thank youuu  <3

It’s “jeans” texture for Sai:

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suddenly thinking about jeanmarco


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Gin-san because I love
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Anonymous sent: I'm new here and I just wanted to say hi and that I absolutely love your human karkat

HI, sweet anon :333 thanks! *Q* <3

Anonymous sent: your eren x levi arts are just amazing!!! So talented

wow thanks, i’m glad you like it t333t

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Anonymous sent: holy roasted chestnut your art is amaze balls I want to smother my whole body in them if that's even possible

i just even can’t find gif for you I’m fucking dead  

Thank you, anon-chan!!!111 

no wait i found one 

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Anonymous sent: I'm so in love with you and your cute art ;A; keep on bein the raddest you can be uvu

anoooooon */////*

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moizzzcarrots sent: You gotta tell me how you made it fade On the dead! Fem! Tavros thing

it’s just random PH’s filtres xD  I think it looks sooo lame


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Anonymous sent: I don't really ship ereri, but I REALLY LIKE your art so I follow you anyway.

thank you, sweet anon-chan! *33333* 

dreamsku sent: fellow ENFP QwQ


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